Admission And Discharge

Admission and Discharge Checklist

1. Admission Location

Admission and Discharge Counter is located at Ground Floor, and operates daily from 7am to 10pm. Outside of these hours, kindly proceed to our Emergency Department, which operates 24 hours.


2. Documents to bring

  • Admission Order from consultant.
  • NRIC for Malaysian or passport for foreign patient.
  • If you are registering your child, his/her Mykid or birth certificate if below 12 years of age.
  • Your Guarantee Letter or insurance card, if applicable.


3. Guarantee Letter (GL)

  • On average, the initial GL will be issued within 1 – 2 hours. However, it may take longer depending on the complexity of your insurance assessment.
  • You may choose to proceed with admission while waiting for GL approval by paying an additional deposit.


4. Room Allocation

  • For self-paying patients, you may choose your preferred room type (subject to room availability).
  • For GL patients, you will be allocated a room based on your room/bed entitlement as stated on the GL (subject to room availability). You may also choose to upgrade to a higher room type by paying the difference of room rate or co-payment (if applicable), based on your policy.
  • If your room/bed entitlement is unavailable, you may be allocated to other room types based on availability.


5. Deposit

  • The deposit amount varies depending on mode of payment.
  • Self-paying patients are required to pay the estimated cost of the treatment at the point of admission.
  • For patients with insurance and/or Corporate Guarantee Letter, the standard minimum deposit will be collected during your admission (the amount varies depending on your insurance or GL provider).
  • A higher deposit amount will be collected for patients with room upgrade, GL of limited coverage and GL with co-payment or co-insurance.
  • The deposit can be made by cash, debit cards or credit cards.


6. During Your Stay

An admission kit will be provided to you during admission.  It consists of basic toiletries such as bath towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, shower gel and shampoo.

  • Things to bring

For your comfort during your stay, you are encouraged to bring your own toiletries and personal items such as:

    • Bath towel
    • Clothing – night attire/light and comfortable clothing e.g. track pants, shorts, t-shirt
    • A pair of non-slip slippers
    • Extra toiletries
  • Valuables

We strongly recommend not bringing valuables to hospital. Valuables include jewellery, cash, laptop or other items with a high monetary value. While we exercise due diligence to ensure the safety and security of our patients and property, we will not be able to accept any liability or responsibility for theft, loss or damage of personal belongings.

  • Interim Bills

Interim bills are available during your admission period, upon request. For updates on inpatient bills, you may approach our Admission and Discharge Counter for assistance.


7. Discharge

We will proceed with the discharge process once your doctor has certified your discharge.

  • For self-paying patients, the final bill will be ready approximately within 1 – 2 hours after the discharge process is initiated.
  • For patients with GL, additional processing time of approximately 2 – 3 hours will be required to obtain final GL approval from your insurance or GL provider. However, it may take a longer time depending on the complexity of your insurance assessment.
  • If you choose to be discharged first without waiting for final GL approval, a deposit will be collected during your discharge (the amount varies depending on your insurance or GL provider).
  • You will be informed when the bill is ready for settlement at our Discharge Counter.
  • A Discharge Release Slip will be issued upon your bill settlement and you need to present it to Pharmacy for collection of take-home medications.


8. Refund

  • Upon receiving final GL from your insurance or GL provider, the deposit will be used for uncovered amount (if any).
  • The deposit and excess payment (if any) will be refunded to your bank account (for cash transaction) or the same debit card or credit card that you used to pay for the deposit. The refund process will take 7 – 14 working days.
Patient Admission And Discharge
Before leaving, please ensure that:
  • All personal belongings and valuables are collected.
  • You have obtained your take-home medications (if any), prescribed by your doctor.
  • You have received your Discharge Summary and Appointment Card should there be any necessary follow-up.