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Among one of the greatest advances in medical technology, radiological scans serve as quick, painless and safe diagnostic tools for doctors. These modern imaging tests provide doctors access to the internal system of your body, increasing the precision and accuracy essential for successful treatment and/or surgery. Our wide range of radiology services encompasses diagnostic tests that are localised and targeted, or full body.

  • Ultrasound (abdomen: liver, gallbladder, kidney, ovary, prostate, breast)
  • Mammogram eg. stereostatic biopsy
  • Fluoroscopy and hysterosapingogram (HSG)
  • CT (brain, chest, abdomen, pelvis, spine)
  • MRI (brain, spine, abdomen, pelvis, knee, ankle, elbow)
  • Interventional procedures (eg angiogram)
  • CT-guided biopsy
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Coronary CT


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