Total Mind & Body Packages for Women

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Introducing a first-of-a-kind, multi-faceted health screening and lifestyle programme for women who are health conscious and are searching for an all-rounded look on their current state of health. The pandemic has had negative impacts on our daily lives from a physiological, mental and dietary perspective. This programme will offer a holistic assessment that includes health checks, a review with our health screening doctor, and sessions with our physiotherapist, clinical psychologist and dietitian. 

Health Screening

The package features an array of health screening tests designed to focus on women’s health and their lifestyle – from women who are constantly on the go, to women who are more sedentary from day to day. With these tests, we aim for early detection of preventable diseases and illnesses, as well as options to look further into your cardiovascular/respiratory, breast and abdominal pelvic health. 

Moreover, the flexibility of our packages allows you to add on tests based on your own personal health concerns, i.e. Pap test for cervical screening, allergy test for allergy screening, etc.

Session with Physiotherapist

The cardiovascular endurance test assesses how efficiently the heart, blood vessels and lungs supply oxygen-rich blood to working muscles during physical activity.

The flexibility assessment is done for different parts of the body (hamstring, iliopsoas, quadriceps, calves, shoulders) and the posture test is conducted (to assess for lordosis, kyphosis, forward head, hip high) via visual assessment methods.

The strength tests are to measure the amount of force a group of muscles can produce to sustain workload.

Session with Clinical Psychologist

With stress affecting so many people during this pandemic, many people find it difficult to cope with different aspects of their lives, including work, family and adjusting to the new norms. This is where a stress management programme comes in, which is tailored to the individual by our clinical psychologist. A mental health screening will also be conducted. Based on the screening and interview, the clinical psychologist will share the results of the screening and discuss topics such as:

  • Identifying the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety 
  • Improving emotional agility and resilience
  • Removing social or environmental stressors from the work or home environment
  • Managing job-specific stressors and personal stressors like money, family, health issues and so on
  • Presenting new coping skills to help in managing stress levels

Session with Dietitian

Healthy eating is essential for daily body functioning and wellbeing now and in the future. With the pandemic comes a drastic change in eating habits and food options. 

Women are often the core person in the household who is responsible for producing and preparing food. The right nourishment can help to improve women’s nutrition as well as the health and nutritional status of the whole family.

In the session with our dietitian, a healthy eating assessment will check the nutritional value of your diet, which will help you better understand your eating habits and health score. Our dietitian will also provide a body composition analysis which gives you a better glimpse into your overall health.   

Take care of your mind and body by nourishing both with the right ‘fuel’! 

From now until May 15, 2021, you can enjoy our Total Mind & Body Packages at a special 15% discounted launch price. Book your spot now by calling our Health Screening Centre at +603 6287 1084 or email!