Preparation For Health Screening

What You Need To Know Before Your Health Screening


You are required to fast for a minimum of 8-10 hours prior to your health screening. Only plain water is allowed to be consumed during your fast. Please inform our team if you have any pre-existing conditions or if you are on any long-term medication (e.g. for high blood pressure) so that we can advise you on how best to prepare for your health screening appointment.


Please bring along your NRIC or passport (for foreigners) and / or company Guarantee Letter (if applicable).


We encourage you to schedule your appointment with us to avoid any potential disappointment as walk-in cases could result in a longer waiting time. If you wish to have any additional screening programs (elective add-ons) on the same day as your appointment, please try to provide all of your selections in the same appointment request or before the health screening has started.


Our doctors will assess if you are fit enough to do this test beforehand. You are advised to wear sports/jogging shoes and appropriate sports attire for this as sweating is expected. Please avoid all caffeinated products (including coffee, tea, energy drinks and chocolate) in the morning prior to the appointment. Do make sure you have at least six hours of sleep, have taken morning dose of your regular medicines and avoid heavy meals.


We recommend that you book your appointment with us approximately 10 days before or after your first day of menstruation (period). If you are scheduled for a mammogram or breast ultrasound, do not apply any deodorant, powder or lotion over breasts and armpits on the day of the examination.

Doctor and Kid in clinic consultation room



For patients who will be doing an X-Ray as part of their package, please be sure that you are not pregnant at the time as X-rays can be harmful to the foetus. If you are unsure, please enquire with our team on how to proceed.